palestine book by khamenei

This fire continues to give off flames. Suddenly, the gates of hope opened and nations woke up. The centrality of Palestine for the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Muslim world is undeniable. But as much as Iran is focused on regional hegemony in which Sunni states would be brought to heel, as Khamenei’s Palestine illustrates, it is the fixation on Israel and Zionism that really animates their expansionism and aid for terror groups. As Taheri notes in his article on the book, Khamenei distinguishes his idée fixe about destroying Israel from European anti-Semitism. All Islamic schools of thoughts agree over this. O Muslim nations, [Quds Day] belongs to you as well. He was admitted to Tehran University of medical sciences in 1964. The land of Palestine has to be freed and returned to its own people. Another factor is the issue of inviting oppressed Arab nations to rise up against their oppressors. Today—on behalf of you the people of Tehran who have gathered here in the Day of Quds [Jerusalem Day]—I tell the other nations to learn from our experience. The Zionists had successfully intimidated the Muslim Nations. Zionists did whatever they wished to that country. You see how the Palestinians are resisting, even under tremendous pressure. Palestine is also an Islamic issue for us: Islam has obligated us to defend other Muslims and their lands; it has obligated us to fight for the rights of oppressed peoples; it has obligated us to answer to our Muslim brothers and sisters call for help with our property and lives. In contrast to what shallow people believe, it is not impossible to defeat Israel and the United States. It is a religious issue. On the occasion of the Arbaeen of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (pbuh) and his companions, is publishing the timeline of the events of Imam Hussain’s (pbuh) uprising. The chain of resistance against Zionists is currently more evolved. Yesterday, there was a power called the Soviet Union. Aside from cutting and removing it, what other treatments are available? In describing Imam Khamenei’s revolutionary activities against the Shah’s oppressive regime, the role of his honorable wife has not received due attention. Muslim nations should know their identity, to learn how to find it. Islamic honor prevented the crusaders from placing the flag of trinity over monotheism. But any nation that makes mischief, oppresses the people, and ignores humanity will be destroyed and perished. The attack on the Jewish Cultural Center came two years after the 1992 terrorist bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires. Since the first days of his mission and struggle in Iran, our deceased great Imam [Khomeini] gave the first priority to the issue of Palestine. The view, perspective, and analysis of our decisionmaking officials toward Palestine is religious not political, per se. He directly said, “Israel is a cancer gland.” What do people do with a cancer gland? As I said before, the issue of Palestine is an Islamic humanitarian issue. Improve the quality of your weapons. Their warplanes were flying over Lebanon whenever they wanted, as if it was their own territory. Inshallah Israel will be distorted vary soon. All Muslim scholars have consensus over this claim that Palestine is a part of Islamic land that has been occupied by our enemies. The “Second Phase of the Revolution” Statement addressed to the Iranian nation, The full text of the interview with Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, The Quds Force strategy will be the same as during the Martyr General Soleimani, The timeline of Imam Hussain's (pbuh) uprising. Imperialists, the enemy of human beings, planted this infected cancer gland within Islamic-Arabic territory. [2] Although such a policy also covers India and large parts of Russia, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia, Khamenei asserts that Israel is a special case[2]—an "ally of the American Great Satan" in an "evil scheme" to dominate "the heartland of the Ummah". This [Iranian] Revolution in the Islamic and Arabic worlds revived hopes. Those who participate in such transaction are out of the religion and consequently infidels. [Biographical Note on Ali Akbar Velayati: Velayati was born in Rostamabad village in Shemiran, Tehran, on 24 June 1945. The heart and soul of the Prophet in paradise is full of sadness. No nation could even imagine a feeling of hope. EXCLUSIVE: First Translation of Khameini’s New Book on the Destruction of America, Israel. If every one of us through a pebble toward Israel, this nation would be buried under a pile of pebbles. Some people believe that only because of Islam and Islamic honor the crusaders could not dominate Najaf and rule over this city, which is the center of religion and the apple of the eye of Shia Muslims. The reason is that the occupation of Palestine and Quds, which are parts of the body of Islam, is the source of all the weaknesses and problems in the Islamic World. For these reasons, there is an agreement between Iranian people and us over the issue of Palestine. Which Islamic country has done such thing? The book and consists of 8 chapters and 416 pages. A message to the pilgrims on Hajj (June 3, 1989). We have the issue of Palestine, the concern of the Imperialism of the United States, and plots and conspiracies. There is not any other international issue in the world of Islam more important than the issue of Palestine.

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